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Thứ Tư, 13 tháng 10, 2021

Advantages and disadvantages of AI Marketing

Advantages of AI Marketing

The impact of artificial intelligence in the marketing industry today is huge or more precisely, for digital marketing activities in today's time. Artificial intelligence is gradually revolutionizing and gradually transforming the Marketing industry, bringing breakthrough developments, increasing revenue and at the same time bringing the most ideal experiences to customers through outstanding advantages as follows:

+ Evaluate the data without a single assumption compared to traditional methods.

+ AI is capable of automatically updating different customer objects, in all times, in different environments.

+ AI can process data with high level, fast time, accurate results.

+ Automating the AI marketing process on different channels, optimizing unnecessary costs.

+ Help choose and offer the right solution for each customer, optimize for advertising to display at the most appropriate time, the most accessible display location...

+ Artificial intelligence helps us personalize content, helps analyze web surfing and buying habits of each potential customer, thereby finding the most optimal interface.

Applying artificial intelligence also helps us predict trends to improve marketing activities.

Disadvantages of artificial intelligence AI Marketing

Bringing undeniable effects in the field of Marketing comes from the above outstanding advantages. Even many people believe that the application of AI technology in marketing activities is gradually replacing traditional methods. However, it can be applied more than traditional methods but will not be able to completely replace. Therefore, traditional marketing methods are still applied by businesses to ensure effectiveness.

Even if we have plenty of examples of how the effects of artificial intelligence have changed marketing. However, this does not mean that the technology is perfect.

In rankings even using artificial intelligence, humans are still needed to improve their accuracy and train the algorithms properly.

+ AI can predict trends but the advantages we mentioned above, however, can take a long time compared to our own analysis.

+ In the case of being too dependent on artificial intelligence, we may fall into a passive state without finding a suitable direction. While the key factor to create a media marketing campaign must be a harmonious combination of traditional marketing and AI marketing.

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